News Prior to 2018

   The press / News Maker!


The Loose Gears is our center's students-run newspaper, which  started in January of 2011.

Seasoned and articulate writing skill is a critical tool for future success! Yes, even for engineers!

Not only can you check out what are the latest happenings at Storming Robots, but, more importantly, we would like to use this newspaper as a tool to encourage students in improving their writing skill.

Our newspaper facilitates an opportunity for ALL roboclub students to turn in his/her thought into writing. The topic can be anything they find interesting, and constructive thought about problems with school, for example.   Please do encourage your children to submit their writing for future publication.  Please email article to admin (at)

All articles will display their names and pictures unless they prefer to stay anonymous.

Volunteering Roboclub Students:

  • Nikhil Shah - Grade 12: Editor-in-Chief
  • Tanya Glushkov - Grade 12: Co-Editor-in-Chief
  • Ashley Yang - Grade 9 : Editor
  • Bhavik Shah - Grade 9 : Editor and Comic Columnist

Want to submit your article?

  • email your article to
  • pending upon approval by one of our Editors
  • modificaiton, if any, suggestion will be sent back to you for revision.