Competition Corner

Major Goals

  • Sustaining motivation and inspiring more inquiries in in-depth knowledge about robotics;
  • With the appropriate robotics competition, we encouraging students to delve in learning about full automation, and exploration in the realm of artificial intelligence.
  • Strengthen competitiveness in science and technology, with integrity, sportsmanship, and professionalism.

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  SR's Principle toward Robotics Competitions" from our Director.
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ZeroRobotics Satellite Programming Tournament (Gr.9+)

(For select students only. See prerequisites below.)
This is the first programming contest "in Space"!.(Gr.9+) . This game is hosted by MIT and NASA. We have participated in this Tournament since 2010.     Learn more

United States Computing Olympiad (USACO)

(Open to anyone age 13+. However, it does require good analytical skill in programming as a minimum. See prerequisites below.)
This is an exam focusing on Algorithmic Programming, not a competition.    Learn more

RoboCup Junior (Gr.6-12)

(For select students only. See prerequisites below.)
This is a pre-college level robotics competition from the renowned World Robocup Tournament. Unlike most others well-known robotic competitions available in the U.S.A., RCJ heavily focuses the software programming and algorithms aspects. We have participated in this Tournament since 2009.  
  Learn more

Robotics Soccer League with LEGO (Gr.6+)

(Open to all Gr.6+)
Unlike other competitions above, Storming Robots will host this competition. Participation in this competition is open to all Gr.6+. Participants do not need to be attending Storming Robots. All participants will form team and register themselves to compete. Currently, there are FREE online sessions to help perspective particpants to get started, from logistics to technical advices.    Learn more

Math Contest by RVMG

(Open to all Gr.6+)
This is a Mathematics Contest hosted by Raritan Math Group and Storming Robots. It focuses on deepening mathematical understanding and problem solving in middle and high school aged students. RVMG is a volunteered-led math group exploring areas of math that are beyond the typical scope of the public school sequence.     Learn more

Prerequisites & Cost


  Criteria at Storming Robots for Entering Various Competitions | Exams | Advanced Projects .

  Find some special summer workshops which may help students to get some exposure, head-start, or in-depth understanding.


Please go here to view the Cost.