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Storming Robots focuses in computational thinking and learning in computing algorithms required in artificial intelligence realm. In order to maximize the learning in algorithmic software development, and automation in robotics, as well as exploration of various platform, the RobocupJunior (RCJ) stands out as one of the best choices. Here is a link to list some major differences between the RCJ and the FIRST. .

While RCJ does not win the popularity among grade schools in USA, it stands out to be apart from most other games in the states. Robot Challenge itself involves dynamic changes in variables under their running environment. Besides, there is no restriction on a hardware or software manufacturer. RCJ sits at the pre-college level of the international RoboCup initiative. RoboCup is a world renowned A.I intensive game. It stresses the learning in automation gearing towards artificial intelligence. RCJ delves deeply into computer science and algorithmic programming.

At the World Tournament, besides competing against top teams from across the globe, they will have the opportunity to interface with hundreds of research scientists and engineers from around the world, and watch their amazing robotics apparatus in action.

More about our participations in RCJ.

Hardware Platform used at SR:

  • Mindstorms  or EV3.
  • Arduino.
  • Raspberry PI.


  • RobotC from Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Academy OutReach
  • Open Source - Arduino C/C++
  • Python