Being an effective communicator and recording ideas is an extremely important successful ingredient for success, even for engineers. A lot of good ideas may never see the light of day because the engineers who have them are unable to communicate.

Engineer journaling has always been a part of the learning process in our Robotics Project Track programs. Creating a portfolio is a multi-faceted way for students to organize, reflect , and substantiate on the knowledge gained throughout the term, and accomplishment. Starting from Spring of 2020, Storming Robots launched "The Most Developed Portfolio Recognition" to further encourage this important discipline which has been commonly neglected.

2020 Spring Term (All online learning)

First Place

Vedaang V. - instructor Michael Ambrose.

Second Place

Harsh B. - instructor Michael Ambrose.

Third Place

Adrish B. and Krish R. - instructor Jeremy Desmond.
Sahasra P. and Samhita D. - instructor Jeremy Desmond.

Honorable Mention:

Andrew D.and Shivankar K. - instructor Siddhesh Dhanawade
Aiden W., Anchit A., and Rohit M. - instructor Siddhesh Dhanawade
Maya B. and Ronav D. - instructor Jeremy Desmond
Shrey P. - instructor Michael Ambrose
Criteria include: