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Robotics and Computer Science with Computational Thinking for Gr. 5 to 12

Motto at SR: Continuously cultivate students' love in creating ideas and taking on a challenge outside their comfort zone, taking ownership of their own learning, strengthening analytical thinking to adapt to the rapid change in technologies.

For Gr. 5 to 8

Robotics Projects and Programming.
Hands-on robotics projects with scaffolding open-ended challenges, and text-based programming.

For Gr. 8 to 12

Computer Science and Engineering Tracks.
Advanced your robotics and algorithmic programming skills (for Novice and Experienced).

Competitive Electives

Focus on self-discipline with system engineering, commitment, collaboration and deep learning - Software/Algorithms and/or Robotics + Electronic.

What We Offer

Storming Robots provides year-round results-oriented, high quality robotics engineering and technology education for talented youth from Grades 5 to 12. We offer engineering challenges that are not commonly available at grade-schools. Majority of our program heavily stresses in software development required to give awareness to the machine. Henceforth, our high school programs deliver college level challenges. Scroll down to view more details...

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Robotics Projects Track - for Gr. 5-8

2-hr weekly meetings - Term based. Hands-on robotics projects with text-based programming. Scaffolding complexity. Use math as a thinking tool. Stress on higher Order of Thinking, and engineering process from design to troubleshooting. Learn more

Computer Science Track - Gr. 8-12

2-hr weekly meetings - Term based. Building algorithmic thinkers using programming with computational thinking. Start with Algorithms in C/C++ CORE path for advancing in upper level programs and competitions. Learn more

Computer Engineering Track - Gr.9-12

Two Robotics and Electronic levels. Focus on robotics automation with electronics. Students will create their own robots through prototyping techniques with open-source platforms such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi, PICO, etc. Learn more

Flex Schedule - Gr. 5 to 8

Facilitate enthusiasts who cannot commit to weekly fixed schedule.

  • May choose either Robotics Track or Core CS Track - Programming.
  • Follow our year-round curriculum with 15+ years of success students records.

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Robotics Competitions (By Invitation ONLY).

Physical robots Leagues, and Simulation sub-league : pre-college level robotics competition from the world renowned Robocup Tournament. Unlike most other popular robotic competitions, RCJ heavily focuses on software algorithms development without restricting platforms.

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Programming Competitions (By Invitation ONLY).

acslAmerican Computer Science League (ACSL) competition. SR will launch its first time participation of the ACSL in 2023. This competition focuses on analytical level in Computer Science Data Structure (college level) and a few other Computer Engineering topics.

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Technology Class Trip to our center

Facilitate 2 to 5 hours enrichment robotics workshops for small groups of students from Gr. 5 to 10. Tailored small groups, such as school, scout groups, or any small group gathering to have a technological day trip at a particular time frame.

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Advanced Learning without additional cost

  • Development Group Engaged in professional level software development projects.

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  • USACO Students Circle Online discussion group focusing on algorithmic problems solving.

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Success Stories...

We succeed ONLY when students succced.

Click here to view our Testimonials about their top colleges acceptance, heart-warming emails from long-term graduating students and parents' feedback.

Prepare the Tomorrow's Engineers and Innovators for the A.I. Realm

Most part of our programs use mathematics as a thinking tool for reasoning, resolving engineering problems. Projects embrace a Multi-Faceted Approach to solve a problem. Engrossed in the mindset of Active Learning, and Thinking BIG.

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About Us

Provides year-round robotics engineering and computer science with Computational Thinking education for talented youth from Grades 5 to 12.

Since 2009...

0+ National Level Awards
0+ World Level Awards
0+ World Level 1st to 3rd Place
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Systematic Roadmap

. ..

Gr.5 to 8 Roadmap

Consists of three levels. Students are grouped based on their skills sets, not grade level. Please contact us for more details.

Gr.5-8 Roadmap

Gr. 8-12 Computer Science Roadmap

Consists of four levels from beginner to advanced level - College level data structure and algorithms. Gain opportunity to participate in CS competition, Robotics Simulation Competition. Please contact us for more details.

Gr.8-12 CS Roadmap

Gr. 9-12 Computer Engineering Roadmap

Involved in Robotics and Electronic. Gain opportunity to participate in AI-oriented Robotic competition. Please contact us for more details.

Gr. 9-12 CE Roadmap

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What makes our programs unique...



SR offers a systematic trajectory of learning structure for students to capitalize their creativity with engineering disciplines. It aims to increase their propensity for the transition to competitive colleges, especially in engineering fields.


Common Traits:

  • Robotics and/or Computer Science Enthusiasts.
  • Engaged in robotics throughout the school year, not seasonal.
  • Possess levels of experience and competency in the subject matter uncommon in grade-school levels institutions.


Students are grouped by their skills level, not age

No one is confined in the same level even within the same term. Each is given ample of opportunity to advance at their own pace.


Our programs draw on mathematical thinking, analysis, and creativity, NOT just rote skills.

Focus on how efficiently problems with algorithmic thinking, and computational models.