Gr. 9+ - Computer Engineering Track

level B to II. Level I & II - opportunities in pursing robotics competition.

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Full Automation

Building competency in solving problems and solution development with computer programming and microcontroller.

Advanced Platform.

All projects are developed with C/C++ language. High level of analytical skills. Programming knowledge above A.P. CS A. Continue the Learn-By-Doing model.

Gr. 9+ : Robotics and Electronic

Create a custom platform with expandability instead of a mandated set. Conduct independent robotics project in the future. Participate in our AI-oriented Robotics Competition which demands 100% full automation involving sophisticated challenges. Strengthening problem-solving skills through system engineering projects.

FAR LOWER Cost to start

Instead of $400+ VEX or other box-kit bot with LIMITED expandability, you will spend only approx. $200 to start with, but with MUCH HIGHER expandability.


Level B: “Satisfactory” completion of Level I.

Level I/II : “Satisfactory” completion of Level I in order to enter Level II. Also gain eligibility to join SR’s competition groups.

No cookie-cutter multidisplinary programs

Projects developed infuse computer programming, mechanical and electronic aspects required in robotic context (Mechatronics). Engaged in active learning with open-ended robotics projects.

Beyond just Competitions

Besides participating in Robotics Competition, students at this stage, along with Algorithms in C/C++ - III should be equipped good level of skill set to create their own independent projects involving hardware - a good addition for their college application.