Summer Learning for the Tech Mind!

Motto at SR: Continuously cultivate students' love in creating ideas and taking on a challenge outside their comfort zone, taking ownership of their own learning, strengthening analytical thinking to adapt to the rapid change of technologies.

For Gr. 5 to 7

Robotics and Programming Learning with flexible schedule.

For Gr.8-12

Advanced your robotics and algorithmic programming skills (for Novice and Experienced).

Distance or In-person

Facilitate the need for both distance and in-person learning.

About Summer at Storming Robots

Our summer S.T.E.M programs are structured with engineering disciplines and exercise higher-order thinking. Workshops are designed to challenge talented youth to their full potential; build student proficiency in the critical thinking, and programming skills that are essential for academic success at any level.

2022 In-person Workshops

(For Gr. 7-12) Weekly Full-day Schedule with focus on software development, robotics and electronic, and advanved learning in computer vision. Mon-Fri : 9am to 3pm.

Online Classes

(For Gr. 8-12) Two or three 2-hr instructor-led classes per week for four to five weeks, along with 10+ supervised lab hours.

New! Flex-Challenge Schedule

(Gr. 5 to 8) Total of 30 robotics projects hours that you may allocate thru one to six weeks. Attendees will also take home the robot they work on as well.

Payment Plans

$250 Deposit at registration.
Remaining balance broken into monthly installment till the June 30th, 2022.

Early Registration

by March 31st: $50 off.
by April 30th: $40 off.
by May 30th: $30 off.

Other Savings!

Additional class: $40 off for each additional full-week class.
Refer-A-Friend (See Refer-A-Friend Discount Eligibility): $50 off.
Current Student: $30 off.
Sibling Discount: 10% for 2nd child   *  20% for each additional. (apply to the lower cost)

General Schedule

In-person: Full-Day Program: 9AM to 3PM, unless specified otherwise.
Online: It varies by program.
Flex-Challenge: (only for upcoming Gr.5 to 8). Select from 9AM to 3PM

Extended Care

Early drop-off: 8:30AM (at no cost). Hourly base - from 3-6PM.
Must be pre-allocated by June 30th or at the registration time (whichever comes last) .
× Supervised late pickup hours facilitate unstructured relaxing time after a full day of mind-challenging learning. They may choose to play either outdoor or indoor with board games, reading one of their favorite books, and such. Fee is $16/hr. Please note that any 15 minutes into an hour is counted as a full hour.

Lunch Time

As part of daily check-in process, students will place order in the morning to purchase their lunches. Food is prepared daily and delivered to us by a local restaurant. Here is the nut-free Lunch Menu (cooking with vegatable oil).

Low instructor:student ratio

4-6 students per instructor. Instructors are robotics, software development enthusiasts, including USACO Silver/Gold receipents, robotics competitions winners.

Go Green

Go-Green and Being Eco-friendly!

All workshops information are accessible only online. Online registration is required.

Report and Recommendation

Each student will receive an individualized performance report, and recommendation for further development to strengthen students background in robotics and computer science.

Covid-19 Vaccination

SR will continue to follow CDC recommendation. Students who attend in-person will be required to have recieved the full vaccination with booster shot prior to attend SR in-person classes.

In the case of Covid-19 resurgence, all classes will switch to online schedule. If you choose not to switch, you will receive full refund.

Special Friday for Full-Day Classes

Students have opportunity to present a tech-talk to not only parents, but also other SR students via online presentation followed by Q&A.


Storming Robots is located within the same complex with an Urgent Medical Care Unit (less than one minute walk), as well as Family Doctors office.

Effective Enrichment in Engineering!

Great way to offer TECH-minded students a productive summer that will enrich their robotics and software development skills for school-year STEM activities, help them to conduct their own DIY projects.

Check out our school year programs!