MIT/NASA Zero Robotics Competition for M.S.

2023 ISS Final Extract.

SR ZeroRobotics Award Storming Robots participated in this ISS Satellite Programming competition starting in 2023. At our first participation, we won the FIRST Place, along with our alliance teams from CA, AZ and Peru.

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Team did a Technical Presentation about their work on August 27th. Team shared their knowledge and experience in interdisciplinary robotic system engineering with from computer science. Learn more from M.I.T. Site.

2024 Summer

Another exciting season coming soon! Tentative Dates: June 24th to July 26th. ISS Final : A few hours between July 29 to Aug 2nd.

2023 Summer

In the summer of 2023, the Zero Robotics ISS Final featured astronaut Dr. Warren Hoburg (Woody) as the game referee aboard the International Space Station. Engaging 46 teams and 600 middle school students nationwide, participants programmed to virtually collect lunar dust samples for analysis as part of the Artemis Engineering Team. Notably, Storming Robots Team Quark Charm Jr, alongside its alliance teams, achieved the remarkable feat of clinching FIRST Place in the 2023 ISS Final held in early August 2023.

We have 20 members. Our alliance teams consist of teams from two teams from west coast, and one team from Puerto Rico. Event took place on August 3rd. We all watch our work running in the Satellite up on the International Space Station with an Astronaut as the referree. The event viewing is truly inspirational.

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SR QuarkCharm JR

Astronaut Warren Hoburg (Woody) refereed the ISS Final.

Astronaut upside down
This picture is not upside down. It shows Woody watching the Satellite floating Upside Down. Courtesy of ZeroRobotics
Astronaut referee
Woody watching the Satellite from above. Courtesy of ZeroRobotics