Calendar - 2022 Fall to 2023 Spring

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Special Events

Free Tutorial to GET STARTED with NEW Rescue Line Simulation Competition

Dec 10th: Saturday - 1:30-2:30 PM.
Target Audience:
  • Mentors/Teacher who work with Gr. 5 to 8
  • Gr.8+ who may wish to participate in the similar competition.

Special Events

Free Informative Talk: Prepare our generation for the AI-future - Computer Science with Computational Thinking – the 21st Century Literacy.

Dec 10th: Saturday - 3 to 3:45 PM.
Target Audience:
  • Mentors/Teacher/Parents
  • Wish to learn more about SR's Core program.

Fall 2022

Term Period  (12 weeks): Sept-13th to Dec-11th, 2022

 NO   Classes:  
  • All Mondays.
  • Nov-23rd to Nov-28th - Thanksgiving Week.

Other Important Reminders:

  • November-7th: DayLight Saving Time 2AM. (Move back an hour.)
  • Next Term Renewal
    Returning students: Mid-November
    New students: December-1st.

Fall Calendar

Winter 2023

Term Period  (10 weeks): Jan-10th to Mar-19th, 2023

Do note: all Competition teams enrollment spans from January to 1st week of June.

Other Important Reminders:

  • All Mondays.
  • March-14th: Daylight Saving Time 2AM. (Spring forward an hour.)
  • Summer registration starts Feb.
  • Next Term Renewal
    Returning students: mid-Feb
    New students: March-1st

Winter Calendar

Spring 2023

Term Period  (10 weeks): Mar-21st to Jun-11th, 2023

Do note: all Competition teams will continue onto the end of Spring term; so do not need to go thru renewal process.

Other Important Reminders:

  • All Mondays.
  • April 4th to April 9th (Easter Break)
  • Summer registration started in Feb.
  • Fall Term Renewal: starts in mid-June.
  • New Students: Registration starts in Mid-July.

Winter Calendar

Summer 2023

Term Period  (8 weeks): Jun-26th to Aug-25th, 2023

No class during the week of July 4th.

Other Important Reminders:

  • Continue to have workshops for students who wish to advance and gain possibility to join competition group in the Fall.
  • Facilitate flexible weeks.
  • Summer registration started in Feb.
  • Fall Term resumes in September.
  • Returning students: Renewal for the Fall term should have started in mid-June.
  • New Students: Registration starts in Mid-July.
Summer Calendar

Office Hours

Storming Robots is an educational institution. We do not accept walk in students.
While we welcome visitors to tour the facility, an appointment is necessary in order to ensure someone is available to assist you. 
Sept to June.  July to Aug
Class Hours:
  • Tue to Fri: 5:15pm to 7:15pm
  • Sat : 10:30am to 6pm
  • Sun : 10:30am to 6pm.

Time for appointment:
  • Tue to Fri: 12 to 5pm
  • Sat, Sun:  11am to 5pm.

*** Except the center closed dates.  See below.

Class Hours:
  • Mon to Fri : 8:30 to 9:00am drop off time.
  • Mon to Fri : 9:00am to 3:00pm - class time.
  • Mon to Fri : 3:00 to 6:00pm for extended hours.

Time for appointment:
  • Mon-Fri: 4pm to 6pm
Days when Center is closed
  1. All Mondays.
  2. Jan:  1st.
  3. Aug:  30th to Sept 7th. There will be no classes. Short Administrative hours will be put in place to facilitate needs for Fall Term Roboclub Registration.
  4. Apr:   Easter week (Tueday to Sunday)
  5. May:  Memorial Day (Tueday to Sunday)
  6. Nov:  Thanksgiving week. (Tuesday to Sunday)
  7. Dec:  Christmas week to Dec-31st
While the center is closed, you may email us and someone will respond within 2-3 business days.