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Special Half Day Workshop with FREE Assessment Test


Sept.9th - 10 to 1.

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What to expect: FREE 45-min assessment (in-person). Assessment comprises of spatial reasoning, patterns recognition, logical reasoning, and free-response on work habits. It is followed by joining an 2-hr Robotics session with Mindstorms (Robot-C (text-based) platform).

Three Tech Talk & one Presentations

August 27th | Sunday - from 11 to 3

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4 Individual Presentations
August 27th, Sunday
11 to 11:45 AM  Technical Presentation about the MIT/NASA Satellite Programming Middle School Competition. SR Team who won the FIRST Place at the 2023 ISS Final
12 to 12:45 PM (Gr. 5 to 9) Robotics Projects Demo (see the difference between ad-hoc to adv concepts with non-LEGO hardware and software platform. SR Students

1 to 1:45 PM

(Gr.8 to college level) Explore Maze Navigation and Mapping Algorithms via Robotic Simulation. SR Students (presented at the 2023 World RobocupJunior/pre-college Symposium in France) 
2 to 3 PM Systematic Learning Roadmap beyond Grade 8, Electives such as competitions. SR Director

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August 27th | Sunday - from 11 to 3