Employment at SR

If you are enthusiastic about science and technology, and have experience working with gifted and talented Grade school students, we offer the right fit in terms of career growth for you! Click here to view a heartwarming note from one of our past long term employees.

Storming Robots Building

Possible Positions Open:

  1. Webots Robotics Simulation environment in C/C++
  2. LEGO Mindstorms RobotC Instructor/Assistant
  3. Computer Science Instructor/Assistant (with C & C++ )
  4. Technical online Courseware Writer
  5. Competitive Math Instructor (AMC or MathCount)
  6. Office Clerk


  1. View descriptions of all positions.
  2. Fill out the Employment Application Form
  3. Fill out your availability for upcoming Summer and the 2023-Fall term
  4. Due to our service requiring employees to work with children, it is a firm requirement on criminal history check once after employment is offered.  Note that it is entirely at the administration's discretion to determine whether employment should be terminated, if the record indicates unsatisfactory result.
  5. If you have any question(s), please do not hesitate to contact us.
Please do note that a SSN-based criminal background check will be conducted at company's expense. All employments are in pending mode until a criminal background check has shown clear record.

Currently SR Advanced Student?

If you are currently an advanced students at Storming Robots, and interested in the possibility of becoming an instructor / assistant / mentor at SR,
  • foremost requirement is to send in your request "yourself", not others including parents. All requests from anyone else other than yourself will receive immediate decline (no exception).  The point is that if you are not mature and confident enough to inquire yourself, you are definitely not ready to take on employment, or mentorship responsibility.
  • You must have completed, and demonstrated high proficiency in Level II in our Algorithms in C/C++. Prefer Level III.
  • Do note: having technical background is minimal. More importantly, one MUST have demonstrated excellent communication skills and maturity to work with others.
  • Ready to take on an inspiring role