United Statebris Computing Olympiad (USACO)


Starting in the Dec/2014, Storming Robots encourage our roboclub students also participate in the USA Computing Olympiad online contest. 

USACO is the one of the most prestigious pre-college Computer Science Contests. Do well in USACO online contests serves a good indicator of one's ability in algorithmic thinking and problem-solving skills. USA Teams from USACO have regularly placed among the top countries attending the IOI (International Olympiad in Informatics) . IOI is the most prestigious international computing contest at the high school level.

DO NOTE: USACO contests take place more like an online exam with a list of open challenge for computer science students taken place every year with one contest per month from December to April. Visit USACO official site for details such as entrance to the IOI. This is very different from any other contests. Students can sign up at any of the exams, and are encouraged to continuously take as many as you can every year.

Majority of our Algorithms in C/C++ Level II students with high proficiency advanced to Silver. Many of them also advanced to Gold after they reached Level III with high proficiency.