World RobocupJunior Robotic Simulation Workshops with Webots - C/C++

June 23rd to 27th, 2020

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Erebus Rescue Maze Simulation
Erebus Rescue Maze Simulation
Erebus Rescue Maze Simulation

Erebus Rescue Maze Simulation

Rescue Maze Robot Simulation is a robot rescue simulation competition environment in which you must develop a controller for a robot to explore a maze and use sensing methods to find as many 'victims' whilst avoid obstacles and traps.
Come to join us at the webinars where your will gain experience in working with a simulation platform potentially deployed as part of the RCJ Robotics Simulation World Competitions.

Video from Webots

Webots has been designed for a professional use and is widely used in industry, education and research. Cyberbotics maintains Webots as its main product continuously since 1998. Here is a link to their official tutorial website.

About speakers

Three robotics and CS enthusiasts, Ethan Wu, Jeffrey Cheng, and Victor Hu delved their time into more advanced projects without the physical robot using the Open-Source platform called Webots.

The following shows the schedule of June 23 to 27 Seminars.

Seminar 1

June 23 | Tue.

Seminar 1: Introduction, installation and getting started with basic movements with encoders.

 Meeting Recording.

 Tutorial #1 Video - Download and Install Webots.    Preview this tutorial#2 video for basic motion navigation.

Expected Outcome:

  • Completed installation.
  • Learned a few fundamentals such as scene tree and Webots UI.
  • Understand how to use encoders for more robust movements.

Mini-challenge for June 23 seminar


The field/environment similar to this one. You may download the challenge here.


  • 3 challeneges with increasing complexity in motions.
  • Encourage to use encoder, or even triangulation to drive to designated target nodes.

Seminar 2

June 24 | Wed.

Seminar 2: Know about basic sensor capabilities of the virtual robot, such as distance, orientation, and color.

 Meeting Recording..

Preview  Webots - Tutorial #3: Using Sensors in Using the Erebus Maze World .

Expected Outcome:

  • Have your virtual robot controller to navigate around a maze like environment.
  • Program with the individual sensors including distance sensors, gyro, and cam on the virtual robot.

Mini-challenge for June 24 seminar


Environment similar to this one. You may access the challenge here.


  • Able to navigate by active sensing
  • Encourage to use distance, and/or gyro to navigate the maze environment field for more robust navigation.
  • Be able to detect heat vs visual elements

Seminar 3

June 25 |Thur.

Seminar 3: More advanced navigation & sensing including victim detection. Jun27-Contest field released today.

 Meeting Recording.

Expected Outcome:

  • Reporting the location of victims to the scoring engine.
  • Installing OpenCV with Webots for advanced camera recognition.
You are recommended to install OpenCV prior to the meeting so that you can do some exercises along with the speakers as well.

Release the June-27th-contest field on the 25th.


Two levels:


Navigate, avoid obstacle, and victims detection.

June 26 | Fri.

No seminars. But join the call to ask question.

Participants should continue to work on the Jun27-Contest. Speakers will be on during this time for answering questions that you may have regarding the Jun27-contest.

Do not forget that you can always   join the discussion forum here for fast response for questions.

The final fun contest

June 27th Contest Videos.

  View the video of the best four from the June 27 mini-contest (with Python controller).

Full result page is  Here .

Another video with a C++ controller (late submission) will be posted shortly.

6/27 | Sat.

Online virtual mini-contest - submit your programs!

Please upload your work to Here.

Deadline: June 26 - midnight based on your own local time.

We would like to entertain requests from participants. Please  Email Us ideas, questions and feedback.

Feedback and other links

Next Step - RCJ Maze Rescue Competition

Complete this RCJ Simulation Maze - Feedback form to:

  • let us know your interest in joining the full competition in September!
  • provide us feedback for making an even better platform for you.


to program and play with the challenges, and shoot for the competition in the Fall.

Support & Assistance

Resource Links.


Samples + World Environment

 Repository for Sample Codes


Go here to download all samples and Worlds used in the seminars.

Some Samples may target various Webots Worlds, but most are applicable to solve problems presented in RCJ Maze.

Here is a video about using Trignometry to locate.

About the two Presentors

Jeffrey Cheng is a rising high school student. He won the 3rd Place at the 2020 World RoboCupJunior Maze League in Australia. Hobby: Viola and a nice game of ultimate frisbee.

He along with Victor have created multiple online and video tutorials as well.

Victor Hu
Victor Hu

Victor was a rising high school student. He has loved to tinkered robotics and computer science since his 5th grade. Hobby:ultimate frisbee, and loves his cat Jasper.

He along with Jeffrey have created multiple online and video tutorials as well.