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Year Round Programs

Storming Robots provides year-round robotics engineering and technology education for talented youth from Grades 4 to 12.  We call it the Roboclub. We offer engineering challenges that are not commonly present at grade-school levels. Our high school programs  deliver college level challenges. Majority of our program heavily stresses in software development required to give awareness to the machine.

Robotics Projects Track - Gr. 4 to 8

Robotics programmig with Open-ended Challenge

Projects based robotics programs for Talented students. Weekly meeting. Students have the opportunity to hone their skills in building and strengthening their problems solving skills with programming and robotics - skills required to be competitive in our AI future.

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Computer Science Track for Gr.8+

Software Development with Computational Thinking

Computer Programming focusing on efficiency and algorithmic thinking, not just programming. Levels from elementary to algorithms commonly only available in college level; and ultimately in professional world. This track also serves as the core path for advancing in upper level programs and competitions.

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Robotics with Electronics Track - Gr. 9+

Gain Competitive Edge in Engineering

Focus on learning electronic along with Robotics leading up to embedded system, including PCB design. This track is for those who wish to create their own robots or devices with electronic prototyping platform instead of Mindstorms kit. Platforms will include open-source platforms such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Grove, etc.

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Summer Camp - Online for rising Gr.6 to 12

Capitalizing Creativity with Engineering Disciplines

Summer workshops focus on interdisciplinary robotics and computer science with using mathematics as part of the language. Enjoying "mind challenge", "learning", and "having fun" along with all work is a common trait among our students.

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Competitions and Exams

A way to gauge and motivate...

Provide opportunities for middle school to high school robotics competition teams, from Regional to World Level since 2008. All competitions stress in software development and algorithm centric.

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Advanced Independent Projects

Keep high achievers engaged and motivated

Independent Projects by select advanced students. These students will also gain the opportunity to deliver Tech-Talk to public as well as participating in leadership roles.  

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Technology School Trip

Field Trip to explore robotics with the pro ...

Field trips are offered to students For Grade. 4+ to explore fun interdisciplinary world of robotics. Three to Six hours of workshops will be tailored to group's programming and mathematics level. Platform can be Mindstorms or MakeBlock with Arduino.

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