Programs Fee Structure


  • Robotics Projects Track :
    • Gr.4 to 6 - Level B to II
    • Gr.7+ - Level B to III
  • Computer Science Track (Algoritmic Programming in C/C++): Level I to V
  • Computer Science Track (Algoritmic Programming in C/C++): Level I to V
  • Select Groups
    • Competitions/Mindstorms-RobotC or MakeBlock-Arduino
    • Competittions/Arduino/Raspberry-PI
    • Advanced Independent Projects

Duration for each term.

Fall Winter Spring Summer
Adv., Indp., Projects and Competition Groups 12 weeks 20 weeks (Fr. Jan to Jun.) n/a
All Others (unless specified otherwise) 12 weeks 10 weeks 10 weeks n/a

Tuition Fee for all tracks.

All new Roboclub students will be subject to $30 (one time only) new member fee.

Please do note: If you have attended SR summer programs only, you will still be considered as "new" Roboclub students. Roboclub is not part of Summer program. )


Robotics Projects Track
Fall Term Winter or Spring Term 
Gr. 5 to 6 - All levels $585 $500
Gr. 7 to 8 - B to II $630 $535
Gr. 7 to 8 - I & II Analytics $660 $565


Computer Science Track
Fall Term Winter or Spring Term:
Advanced Placement CS-A -- $720 (16 1-hr classes from Jan to May)
Algorithms in C/C++ - Level B to I $630 $540
Algorithms in C/C++ - Level II $660 $565
Algorithms in C/C++ - Level III $690 $585
Algorithms in C/C++ - Level IV $750 $655
Algorithms in C/C++ - Level V (max 2) $840 $735


Robotics with Electronic Track
Fall Term Winter or Spring Term: 
Level B to II $768 $655


Advanced Projects Track(*)
Fall Term Winter or Spring Term: 
On Site (fixed schedule) $720 $600
Independent Projects (flexible - online and/or in-person) varies


Competition (*)
Prep Term (Fall) Season Term (Winter thru Spring): 
Mindstorms Platform (level I) $720 $1200
MakeBlock/Arduino Platform (level II) $765 $1300
Open-source electronic platform, e.g. Arduino, Raspberry-PI, etc. $810 $1380
Webots/Maze - Simulation $630 $1075
ZeroRobotics $630 --

(*) Advanced projects and Competitions may likely involve cross platform development, and many more 3rd party components. Selected Robotics Club students only.
Independent projects: only maximum two highly selected students will be given such opportunity each year.