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Order RobotC through Storming Robots, and get 20% Rebate!

RobotC offers fast, high performance programming for the Lego Mindstorms. What makes RobotC more superior than other robotics language development software for Mindstorms is its debugging feature. It uses text-based C-like programming environment.  It also provides a graphical user-interface environment which micmics the text-based as well. This allows students to make a much easier transition when they are ready to move onto more complex projects.


What to order:

Should purchase the RobotC for Mindstorms "Individual" Licence if you have already owned a Mindstorms set.

If you have yet own a Mindstorms set, you may purchase the RobotC Virtual World for robotics programming practice.


Steps to order and receive rebate:

  1. In order to be entitled for a rebate, you must click here to purchase  RobotC.
  2. Click here to view how to obtain the 20% rebate.
  3. Must email us your "activated" license, invoice ID screenshots.
  4. Rebate will be issued on a monthly basis.