Year Round Programs

Storming Robots provides year-round robotics engineering and technology education for talented youth from Grades 4 to 12.  We offer engineering challenges that are not commonly present at grade-school levels. Our high school programs  deliver college level challenges.

  Here is a general guide to help you choose which program to start with.

 Robotics Projects Track

Projects based robotics programs for Talented students from Gr.4th-12th. Students are engaged in mainly hands-on robotics projects from novice to advanced levels.    Learn more

 Algorithmic Programming Track

Computer Programming focusing on efficiency and algorithmic thinking, not just programming. Levels from elementary to algorithms commonly only available in college level; and ultimately in professional world as well.       Learn more

 Robotics with Electronics Track

Focus on learning electronic leading up to embedded system.     Learn more

You may access the Cost Table here.

Our program has proven itself that we can mingle engineering disciplines, hard work with fun. Summer programs focus on interdisciplinary robotics with using mathematics as part of the language. At Storming Robots, there is no gender gap in terms of learning achievement. Enjoying "mind challenge", "learning", and "having fun" along with all work is a common trait among our students.      Learn more

 Advanced Robotics Projects

Independent Projects by select advanced students. These students will gain the opportunity to deliver Tech-Talk to public as well.     Learn more

 Competition Groups

Provide opportunities for middle school to high school robotics competition teams, from Regional to World Level since 2008    Learn more

 Math Group

Opportunity to joing the strong Raritan Valley Math Group.   Learn more


Opportunity to mentor competition teams, become technical instructor.   Learn more

Technology School Trip

Short 3 to 5 hours workshops tailored to individual groups, such as school field trip, scout group, etc.     Learn more