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Storming Robots provides year-round robotics engineering and technology education for talented youth from Grades 4 to 12.  We offer engineering challenges that are not commonly present at grade-school levels.  Our high school programs  deliver college level challenges.  Through the engineering process, students are engaged in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics with hands-on, application-based  robotics projects.  They build robots from scratch,  and automate them with true programming language.  

At Storming Robots, we provide an environment that instills a love of learning, incorporating humility and perseverance, and encourages children to appreciate challenges.

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By fueling and reinforcing habitual and autonomous learning via hands-on robotics and technology projects, we aim to build a generation that is competitive in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.


We will create a generation of analytical and computational thinkers who routinely think outside the box.

Early, hands-on experience in robotics and technology prepares students to deal with all types of complex problems that come their way — technological and otherwise — readying them for a wide range of careers within and beyond the technology sphere.

Bring System Engineering to Grade School Levels 

At Storming Robots, we bring system engineering to the grade-school level. 

We provide an application-based learning structure that encourages creative thinking, a skill that helps students transition smoothly to college and stay competitive in any career they choose. Our model prepares students to advance in college engineering studies, such as computer science, artificial intelligence, computer engineering, and mechanical engineering. The achievements of our Roboclub members in tournaments , college level advanced projects, and College profile are a testament to the effectiveness of our model.

Roadmap to Guide 

Our programs offer a continuous learning roadmap that students follow from grade 4 to 12. Programs for students in grades 8 to 12 usually involve projects that require algorithmic and computational thinking and analysis. We provide detailed guidance for students who have been with us for several years, creating individualized roadmaps for their four years in high school based on their personal learning style, interests, strengths and weaknesses. We have found that this helps students to define themselves clearly and boosts their competitiveness in the college application process.

Alumni Share College Experience 

Some alumni are invited to deliver speech about their latest Engineering/Science Internship experience. Most of these students attend competitive universities.

Storming Robots possess thriving outside school enrichment history.   Many students joined our program starting their early elementary grades, and continued at SR until College

Some parents also email us about the prolonging effect from our program even at their college years.

Many of our students join us starting elementary school year, and continue with SR until they leave for college, often traveling up to an hour each way to participate in our programs.

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All Grade 7+ instructors possess engineering background and/or certified RobotC Instructor awarded by the Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Academy.

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Ability-based, instead of grades-based. 
We strongly believe in allowing children to work with peers with similar intellectual caliber in order to maximize the learning experiences.  Along with proven strong curriculum obtained from the CMU's Robotics Academy and other resources,  all projects conducted onsite are further enhanced with advanced challenge in order to stretch students to their full potential.
Capitalize Creativity with Engineering Disciplines 
We provide application-based learning structure which encourages continuous “Outside The Box Thinking”. It aims to increase students’ propensity for the transition to colleges and stay competitive in the career which they choose.
Computational Thinking Focus. 
We  provide learning opportunity for “computational doing” to make problem solving and analysis as fluid as possible for children.

Computational Thinking (CT) is an underpinning skill for any professions in this digital age. With over 10 years history of providing year-round programs that embed CT in their robotics / computer science through hands-on robotics programs. Talented youth learn and grow through application, not memorization. Projects grab their interest and engaged them with problem solving through not just ad-hoc, but algorithmic method.

Most students attend SR belong to “gifted and talented” programs from their school. However, this is not the major prerequisite for joining our programs. We recognize that even those who do not have top grades often have tremendous potential. Therefore, we welcome any student who has a genuine interest in robotics, mathematics, and engineering.

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