Programs Fee Structure

 Special News!  Greatly Reduced License Fee for Practice!

This is exclusively for all level B Robotics Track students who do not own a LEGO Mindstorms Robotics Kit.    You may purchase a 6-month license for  RobotC Virtual World at a minimal cost of $10. This will add on the advantage that your child can practice robotics coding at home for 6 months without investing on $79 on the software upfront.   If you choose to purchase the software within the next two months after the license expires, Storming Robots will apply $10 back  towards your tuition.

Click here to get the instruction as how to install and get started.



  • Robotics Projects Track :
    • Gr.4 to 6 - Level B to II
    • Gr.7+ - Level B to III
  • Computer Science Track (Algoritmic Programming in C/C++): Level B to IV
  • Select Groups
    • Competitions/Mindstorms
    • Competittions/Arduino/Raspberry-PI
    • Advanced Independent Projects

Duration for each term.

Fall Winter Spring Summer
Adv. Indp. Projects and Competition Groups 12 weeks (one term) 20 weeks n/a
All Others 12 weeks 10 weeks 10 weeks n/a

Tuition Fee for all tracks.

All new Roboclub students will be subject to $30 (one time only) new member fee.

(Please do note: If you have attended SR summer programs only, you will still be considered as "new" Roboclub students. Roboclub is not part of Summer program. )

Robotics Projects Tracks
Fall Term Winter/Spring Term: 
Gr.4 to 6 - All levels $540 $480
Gr. 7 to 9 - B to II $575 $510
Gr. 7 to 9 - III+ $615 $525


Algorithmic Programming Track
Fall Term Winter/Spring Term: 
Level B to I $615 $525
Level II to IV $645 $540


Robotics with Electronic Track
Fall Term Winter/Spring Term: 
Level B to II $720 $600


Advanced Independent Projects(*)
Fall Term Winter/Spring Term: 
-- $720 $600


Robotics with Electronic Track
Fall Term Winter/Spring Term: 
Mindstorms -- $600 (x2)
Arduino/Raspberry-PI -- $690 (x2)
ZeroRobotics $555 --