Before reserving:

  • Most of these events are offered at no cost to you; except those which are specified otherwise.
  • Please do review "Target Audience", if applicable, before reserving a seat.
  • For events held at SR center:
    • All current Storming Robots students and parents will have priority to attend.
    • Seats are very limited. A great deal of resources, time and energy have been invested to make each event available. If you have reserved a seat but will not be able to attend, please do notify us with at least one day prior to the presenation. This will allow us to release seat to others in waiting list.
    • NO-Show Clause:  You will not be entitled to priority reservation on any of our free event in the future. You will be given a seat only a few hours before an event if any seat is available.

10 to 10:45 AM: Evaluation Session for incoming Gr.4 to 6

A 45 minutes session not only provides a learning lesson, but also serves an entrance test in order to enter Storming Robots Robotics Engineering Club.

Target Audience:
For Gr. 4 to 6 students who are interested in joining our robotics engineering club.

Time: Besides 9/7 - 10 to 10:45, there will be alternative timeslot on: Aug 30 - 9 to 10 AM . Click here to register for Evaluation Session

10 to 11 AM: Information Session For Perspective new students.

Will gain a clearer view over learning opportunity available at Storming Robots.

Alternative time: Aug 30: 9 to 10 AM .

Target Audience:
  • Parents of students who are taking the evaluation session.
  • Parents of SR Gr.4-8 students who are not familiar with SR roadmap.

1 to 1:30pm- Development of Solutions to Space Debris through Education Platform

  • Introduces students to aerospace engineering and solidifies STEM interest through ZeroRobotics, from physics learning, programming, data modeling to competition on-board on ISS.

  • The same talk was one of the only six oral presentation from high school projects selected to be delivered at the 2019 International Space Station R&D Conference recently held in Atlanta, Georgia.
Target Audience:
Gr. 9+ to College level.

1:45 to 2:30pm - Navigating a Maze with Computer Vision Control

    Discuss two algorithms:
  • Allowing for successful complete navigation of a multi-floor maze.
  • More robust letter recognition using solely the OpenCV library to account for more cases of camera distortions and distorted letters.

Target Audience:
Gr. 8+ to College level.

2:45 to 3:45 PM - Information Session for Gr. 9+.

  1. A layout of 4 year recommendation
  2. Go thru samples Roadmap plans
  3. Competitive Internship available for high schoolers in the U.S.
  4. Publishing opportunities in the U.S.
  5. Common Competitions & Exams for Computer Science and Robotics.
  6. Competitions Available at SR and how the qualification criteria
Target Audience:
  • Mainly for Gr.9+ students who are currently attending Storming Robots.
  • Advanced Gr.8+ students currently attending Storming Robots.
  • Parents are welcomed as well

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