SR Development Group

Build upon Strengths and Capitalize on opportunities to make a difference!

This is a small group of Computer Science and Robotic Engineering high school enthusiasts from Storming Robots. They got together to create not only software engineering projects with new ideas, but also learning opportunties to enhance others' strength in STEM.

Most of the development will be focusing on the Webots™ Robot Simulator.What is Webots™?Webots is a sophisticated robot simulator which has been designed mainly for professional use in industry, education, and research. It requires programming experience usually in university and professional levels.


At SR, we continuously cultivate students' love in creating ideas and take on challenge outside their comfort zone taking ownership of their own learning, being engulfed with the enthusiasm for ways to not only develop their own strengths, but also leverage their new-found knowledge through helping others.

Create Blockly Development Environment to work in Webots™ Robots Simulator

blocky webots 2

blocky webots 1

Webots-Blockly Video Tutorials :

Or, you can access thefull playlist a single location.

Webots-Blockly PDF Documents: :

Software you need:

Rescue Line with Webots™

This simulates the competitive environment called Robocup Junior Rescue Line competition (for pre-college). It aims to excite students to participate in robotics programming and software engineering. Webots™ simulation environment is designed for industrial and research usage. Our Development group aims to create an envronment easier to adapt for the less experienced.


Good Job, everyone.
A lot of work has been accomplished within a very short 2-4 weeks timeframe.
Robot Name  C/C++ ran on more advanced/complex field Score  Video (recommend download)
Keitto (by Peter Leong) C++ 200  
Rybot (by Ryan Wang) C++ 110  
SamZRobot (by Samuel Zhao) Google-Blockly 200  
  Submit your codes here at no later than 7pm on August 6, 2021.

To submit your code : Submission guide :   Guide 1,  Guide 2.

More details will follow after submission is received. Please do note: Submission Deadline is 7:00 pm, August 6th. Good luck!


Contain majority of challenges in theRobocupJunior Rescue Line. What will be included in the upcoming release (Feb 22nd):
  • Referee Scoresheet.
  • Complete scoring elements including seesaws, speedbumps, debris.
  • Line Map generator. (text and graphical)
  • Sample robot attachment for capturing balls.

Get Started:

 Webots-Line Installation and Introduction Tutorial.

 Download the Webots R2021.a (1.6G).

● Min. requirement: 2+ GHz dual core CPU | 2+ GB RAM | 512+ MB of RAM graphics adapter - NVIDIA or AMD OpenGL(v3.3+).

 Download Rescue Line SimulationsampleWorld.

 Download sample code.

Reminder: there are a few simple sample worlds and controllers in the installation. Do check back to this site later for more up-to-date information. There will be a (minors-safe) discussion forum available soon.

Other learning videos for past Webots competition

 Download and Install Webots.

 Learn about motion navigation basics.

 Learn about sensors manipulation basics.

 View the sequence of webinars created back in the late Spring of 2020 for anew Rescue Simulation.

● Although these videos' context pertains particularly to the Rescue Maze Simulation World, programming and robots information are very much applicable in general simulation.

There are a wealth of samples coming with the Webots installation. They are located in the <your webots installation folder>/Webots/projects/samples/devices/worlds. During installation, you will see a set of samples from "Guided Tour - Webots". These samples are for the more experienced programmers. You may find e-puck_line_demo particularly applicable.

Enchanced Platform Development stages:

Fall, 2021 TBD
Spring, 2021 TBD
Fall, 2022 TBD


During late 2019, three robotics and CS enthusiasts, Jeffrey Cheng, Julian Lee, and Victor Hu delved their time into creating a programming environment for novice and younger students.

Jeffrey ChengJeffrey Cheng

API / Abstraction Functionalities developer. .
I'm a senior at Bridgewater High School. I started out robotics at Storming Robots since my 4th grade. Not long after that, my interest has been gravitating toward computer science. Since then, I have participated in robotics competitions such as Robocup Junior, Zero Robotics Satellite Programming, and absolutely enjoyed programming intricate algorithms. Outside of robotics, I enjoy playing the viola and a nice game of ultimate frisbee.

Admitted to Princeton University - Class of 2025.

 Jeffrey's portfolio.

Victor HuVictor Hu

File system and Backend System / Software Developer.

I am a senior at the Watchung Hills High School. Ever since I was around 4th-5th grade, I have loved tinkering robotics. Attending one summer workshop at SR in my 6th grade got me really hooked! Not only with robotics, but with computer science. Since my 9th grade, I have started to self-teach machine learning algorithms, and continued tinkering at home. Besides this Google-Blockly development, another latest project is on my new-found knowledge in TCP/IP networking. After the final release of this Google-Blockly IDE development, I will continue working on enhancement, and also on a remote TCP/IP layer for the Robocup Junior to allow RCJ Maze Simulation teams to interface between Webots™ server remotely.

I have always enjoyed Ultimate frisbee; and I love my cat Jasper.

Admitted to U.C. Berkeley - Class of 2025.

Julian LeeJulian Lee

API / Abstraction Functionalities developer.

I’m a senior at the Pingry School. I became drawn to programming since my very class at Storming Robots in 4th grade. I’m interested in autonomous robotics as well as algorithm development, and I’ve also become increasingly intrigued by the intersection between programming and various disciplines in both STEM and the Humanities. Myresearch paper on a new data clustering algorithm, illustrated with generative art, was recently published in the peer-reviewed journal Pattern Recognition.

Beyond programming, I’m always looking to share programming with others through teaching and mentoring younger students. I also enjoy cross country running and taiko drumming.

Admitted to Yale University - Class of 2025.

Brief highlight of their background:

  • All three have advanced to the USACO Gold Division since their 8th or 9th grade.
  • World Title: Both Julian and Jeffrey have also won two World Titles at the 2019 International Robocup Junior (Pre-College) Rescue Maze Tournament held in Australia. They are :3rd Place Overall, and the Best Engineering Strategy Award.
  • Both Jeffrey and Victor won the2nd Place of The Best Engineering Design Awardat the2020 IEEE Integrated STEM Education Conference, with their research work titled:Defending Convolutional Neural Network-Based Object Detectors Against Adversarial Attacks

August 7th Robotics Simulation Contest (with Rescue Line):

Please   Email Uswith feedback, bugs, suggestions, advices, etc.

 Join the discord forum for discussion.

StackOverflow with the webots.

Future release :

Google Blockly
  • Allow online interface with online Webots online server.
  • Side by side converted Python and C/++ code will be available in the later release.
  • Async robust motor functions will also be available in the later release.
  • Add in object angle function for the Cam.
C/C++ environment.
  • Client / Server environment
  • develop SLAM environment
Create a competition environment.