10 to 10:45 am    – Evaluation Session for incoming Gr.4 to 6

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Alternative timeslots: Aug 30: 9 to 9:45 am



  10 to 10:45 am    – Information Session for Parents 

About : Learn more details about our programs for Gr. 4 to 8. 

Target Audience : Parents of perspective students who may be interested in joining our programs.

Alternative Timeslots: Aug 30: 9 to 9:45 am

  1 to 1:30 pm    Development of Solutions to Space Debris through Education Platform

Target Audience: Gr. 9+ to College level. One of the only six oral presentation from high school projects selected to be delivered at the 2019 International Space Station R&D Conference recently held in Atlanta, Georgia.


  1:45 to 2:30 pm   Navigating a Maze with Computer Vision Control .

Target Audience: Gr. 8+ to College level.


Discuss two algorithms:

  • allowing for successful complete navigation of a multi-floor maze
  • more robust letter recognition using solely the OpenCV library.

Will also talk about possible future improvements for both algorithms:

  • memory management
  • the letter detection algorithm can be modified to account for more cases of camera distortions and distorted letters.

  3 to 3:45 pm    – Information Session for Gr. 9+

Target Audience: Parents of current Gr. 9+ SR students  .


  • A layout of 4 year recommendation
  • Go thru samples Roadmap plans
  • The four common Robotics Competitions in the USA
  • Common Competitions & Exams for Computer Science
  • Competitions Available at SR and how the qualification criteria