The Program in Mathematics for Young Scientists (PROMYS) is a highly selective and challenging program that is designed for high school students to explore deeper into the world of mathematics. Each summer about 80 high school students from around the US gather at Boston University for six weeks of various mathematics activities. Students work on challenging problems in Number Theory, in order to encourage students to design their own numerical experiments and pursue their powers of analysis. The goal is to discover different mathematical patterns, formulate and test conjectures, and justify their ideas by creating their own mathematical proofs. The PROMYS program aims to provide an environment for young students to explore their curiosity and dive into the creative and collaborative sides of mathematics and science.

Students receive mentorship from resident counselors, junior counselors who have just graduated high school or undergraduate counselors who are exploring their own mathematical careers at some of the finest universities (a majority from Harvard, MIT, or Princeton). On top of that, there are also senior mathematicians who are a resource for suggestions and encouragement to students.

Mayur Sharma attending this summer!

This year, long-term SR student Mayur Sharma has been accepted and will be attending the PROMYS Program in summer 2019. PROMYS is designed to emphasize asking good and creative questions, putting in hard work and determination, build on your ideas as well as others, and overall the joy of gaining mathematical insight. The PROMYS community is full of encouragement and support so that students can expand the limits of their current knowledge.

Mathematics is very large and misunderstood branch of sciences. Many people have varying ideas of what a research mathematicians does, and many of these interpretations can be misleading to the true nature of mathematics. Mathematics does not simply include a number of calculations but it is supposed to be an experience of collaboration and experimenting, meaning it is not just a “finished product” but a process. The PROMYS Programs aims to encourage habits of thought that will lead to scientific independence and creativity.