Embedded Systems Presentation – Dec 16th, 2018

Where :  Storming Robots
Date : December 16th, 2018 – Sunday.
Time : Sequence of 5 different topics at 6:15 | 6:35 | 6:55 | 7:15 | 7:35 pm

6:15 pm :  Introduction to Embedded System

By Cy Westbrook and Rishi Sappidi (both 8th Grade)

Abstract: Embedded systems are widely used for many applications. They control many appliances, as well as many simpler electronic devices. At the heart of these embedded systems is an MCU. Many of us are used to using Arduinos, which have MCUs inside of them, but it is important to understand the differences between Arduinos and the more advanced MCUs that we learned about in this class over the summer. In this presentation we will be discussing how and why the transition from Arduinos to these MCUs should be made.

6:35 pm :  I2C and other Communication Protocols

By Cy Westbrook (8th Grade)
As systems get more complicated, we begin to have multiple devices that need to communicate with each other. These devices include sensors, displays, motors, other MCUs, and more. Many communication protocols have been established in order for these devices to communicate with each other, including I2C. In this presentation I will explain the different terms and concepts behind many of the communication protocols that are used.

6:55 pm :  Circuit Construction & Soldering Techniques

By Neil Chalil (11th Grade)
Soldering and circuit construction allow for the physical connections comprising the PCB. Soldering allows for secure electrical connections between pins or devices such as MCUs, sensors, motors, or displays and the board. There are several techniques and options for creating proper electrical connections when soldering. We used soldering in the class in order to connect our devices to our boards. In this presentation I will explain the basic concepts and techniques used when soldering.

7:15 pm : Bare Metal Programming 

By Dheeraj Kattar (9th Grade)
Bare Metal Programming represents what real embedded system engineers in the real world do. It’s the idea of working with the embedded system on the most basic level. Bare Metal Programming is essentially the concept of operating with the system by changing registers within the memory. I will be explaining the purpose of Bare Metal Programming and how we used this concept in our summer course.

7:35 pm :  Timer and Motor Control

By Rishi Sappidi (8th Grade) and Allen Zhang (11th Grade)