Robotics Soccer Competition with LEGO Mindstorms


Currently, there are other sophisticated Robotics Soccer competitions for pre-college students such as the RobocupJunior Robotics Soccer League. However, it can be very overwhelmingly complex especially in the hardware component, as well as very costly for an individual.

This competition is organized by two of SR’s high school students, Daniel Xue and Ethan Wu. ( Learn more about them at the “Committee” section below.) Due to proprietary trademark restriction, this competition league is called the Amateur Robotics Soccer League for the time being, instead of LEGO Robotics League.

This robotics soccer league offers one very unique aspect – game modes with scaffolding complexity – Free Kick, Goalie, and Full Game. This plan enforces participating students to divide and conquer tasks which are all critical to achieving the final Full Game.

1st Annual Competition:

When : March 24th, 2019 |1:30 to 3:30pm.
Where : Raritan Valley Community College, Branchburg,
Duration : As a pilot event, it will only be an two-hours. It will be held right after the 3rd Annual Math Contest .
Organizer : Storming Robots

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Who may participate


Age Group : Gr. 6+. (Do not need to be current Storming Robots students.)

Team Size : # of Robots
For free kick and goalie league: 1 to 2 Only one robot is allowed; e.g. participants cannot use 2nd alternative robot to do a different round; although they are allowed to make modifications to a single robot in-between rounds
For Full Game: 2 to 4 Only two robots are allowed; e.g. participants cannot use 3rd alternative robot to do a different round; although they are allowed to make modifications to the same two robots in-between rounds.


All team members MUST be active participants, i.e. taking important technical roles in the team.

View the Game Book for Detailed Rules .

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The Technical Committee...


Daniel Xue: Daniel is currently a 10th grader at the Montgomery High School in NJ. He has been learning about robotics since he was in 6th grade. He loves just about anything computers-related, especially in algorithms, computer science (especially into AI realm), and mechatronics.

Ethan Wu: Ethan is currently a 11th grader at BRHS in NJ. He has participated various robotics competitions. Hobbies include anything computers-related, including web design, algorithms programming, CGI art, Linux, and Mechatronics. Despite of his young age, target audience to his tech talk are usually into embedded system, college level EE, Computer Engineering and Computer Science in AI area.

Both members have participated and earned high rank in 2017 and 2018 World RobocupJunior held in Japan and Montreal respectively. In 2017, the duo won the Best Engineering Design Award under Maze League at the World event.
Both also have delivered tech talk multiple times at the World Makerfaire in NYC, as well as to the World community at the 2018 International Robocupjunior in Montreal. Learn more about Ethan’s and Daniel’s work.

Quote From Daniel Xue:  This new competition serves as an excellent launchpad to advanced robotics projects and competitions by expanding the scope of both software and hardware competitors get to interact with, compared to familiar competitions like the First LEGO League. The unique establishment of different game modes not only gives an opportunity for beginners to compete and achieve, but also provides a foundation for newcomers who wish to compete in more advanced divisions in the future. 

  • Elizabeth Mabrey, Director of Storming Robots
  • Dennis Mabrey, Chief Technology Advisor of Storming Robots