Thank you to everyone who attended. Here are the key points that we went over during the meeting:

  1. Philosophy of the competition
    1. The goal of the competition was to create an experience that had a low bar to entry. We found that may established competitions have a large focus on hardware, so much so that both the difficulty of starting a team and the cost to entry were unreasonably high. This competition attempts to alleviate the issue by employing a more unified hardware platform. Therefore, we seek to restrict hardware to what is easily available to all competitors.
  2. Sources of information
    1. The home page for the entire competition is This may be merged with the blog in the future.
    2. Our primary means of pushing out information will be through the blog. It can be found at
    3. Ask questions regarding the competition on the forum (the “LEGO Soccer League” category). You must make an account. For the username, please use your real name. The “secret word” is “r2d2”. The account will need to be approved by the forum administrator before you can use it.
  3. Hardware and Software
    1. For programming the robot, we recommend using RobotC, but other options like ev3dev (for the very advanced) and the native block programming are acceptable.
    2. You must be using a LEGO NXT or EV3 (or RCX but they are very outdated). Teams are responsible for obtaining the hardware themselves.
    3. See more detailed hardware restrictions in §1 of the rules.
  4. What to do before the next meeting
    1. Read the rules, which can be found on the blog and the main page.
    2. Start forming teams
      NOTE: The maximum team size for the full game league is 4 participants, not 3. We stated during that the maximum team size for the full game was 3. The website also currently shows 3 as the maximum size, and should be corrected soon.
    3. Start brainstorming for the hardware implementation. Start thinking about what sensors you would like to have. We will be going more into this next meeting.

Full meeting recording: