We have built a maze-navigating robot to simulate a rescue.  The objective for our robot is rescuing all victims by dispensing a rescue kit.  Our robot navigates every tile of a maze consisting of 30 cm by 30 cm tiles to maximize the heated victims it detects.  The robot must overcome various obstacles including 1 cm debris, 1-2 cm speed bumps (fixed debris which can appear on walls), and large obstacles (maximum 20 cm by 20 cm).  Once the robot is done with its navigation, it must return to the starting tile so humans can rescue and reuse the robot.

Jeffrey’s Bio

I am Jeffrey Cheng, and at 13 years old, I have helped design this maze navigating robot. Robotics has always been an important part of my life because of the fun that comes out of puzzle solving. My interest in puzzles have led me towards the path of software, and creating our maze navigation algorithm was my role in this team.