Things I do in my free time!
Go to Rescue Maze

Rescue Maze

Robot designed for Robocup Rescue Maze. Several steps of prototyping and an incredible result!

Go to Fan-go


Fan propelled robot inspired by Disney’s Vertigo Robot

Go to Mechanical Dog

Mechanical Dog

Upgrading LEGO Education’s dog project. I made it for the class I taught over the summer.

Go to Captain America Shield

Captain America Shield

Fun Halloween project. Easy-to-hold, life-size, and throws like a frisbee.

About Ashley Yang

Student, Roboticist, Amateur Economist, Forensicator, Traveler

I'm Ashley. I'm a high school senior with a love for new foods, cracking jokes, traveling, economics, and building robots. I work as a robotics teacher at Storming Robots. I'm a proud member of the nationally ranked Ridge High School Forensics Team and a memeber of SR-chitechs, an internationally ranked robotics team.